The opportunity

We love a challenge, and we love a challenger brand even more. 

Truespeed offers a real, local alternative to the big broadband players. Instead of prioritising easy-to-serve large towns and cities, Truespeed believes that everyone in the South West should get the broadband they deserve. So, they are giving otherwise overlooked communities a better chance to thrive by building their own, state-of-the-art, full-fibre network from scratch.

Truespeed has a really powerful USP - broadband that actually works - but more of the people who could benefit from it needed to know about it.

How we helped

Refined the brand narrative
Revamped Truespeed’s identity 
Created their first brand awareness campaign

In a category full of unrealistic speed claims and broken promises, Truespeed is a beacon of honesty. They can guarantee that customers always get the speeds they pay for, and sometimes a little more. Our job was simply to get that message across to our audience in a clear and meaningful way.

Our campaign - ‘Rumour has it’ - is all about truth.  The result is a bold, bright and positive brand identity with a simple, sincere tone of voice.  

And we created and rolled out this new brand identity across the whole business - from customer comms to uniform and vehicle fleet - in just 8 weeks.

The results

The campaign’s objectives were to raise awareness of the brand , increase top of funnel activity (consideration) and drive sales.

Overall we saw a 70% increase in web traffic.  By tightening our targeting and driving more relevant people with more relevant messaging, we saw the bounce rate drop from 38% to 18%

Additionally, we saw sales orders increase by 30% MoM.

Favour the brave’s experience of the category and service brands in general meant they not only hit the ground running, but also brought real value and insight to the development of our strategy. Whilst the quality and consistency of their creative product has enabled us to transform our communications.  What I like most about working with them is that they’re genuinely part of the team, sharing in our challenges and proactively looking for ways to help us solve them.

Melanie Hunter Yell, Director of Marketing.
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